A)  Bible Commentary: should cover the following:

a.     Culture

b.     History

c.     Language

d.     Evidence

The Layman’s Bible Commentary In one Volume

Believers Bible Commentary  by William MacDonald

B)                      Bible Dictionary

Dictionary of The Bible by David Noel Freedman

Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary by R. F. Youngblood

C)                      Bible Customs & Manners

Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Manners & Customs by Howard F. Vos

Manners & Customs of The Bible  by James M. Freemann

D)                      Theology Bible & Systematic

Systematic Theology “An Introduction To Biblical Doctrine” by Wayne Grudem

General Introduction to the Bible by Norman Geisler

The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict by Josh McDowell

E)                       Lexicon Greek/Hebrew

The New Strong’s Expanded Exhaustive Concordance of the bible with Greek/Hebrew Dictionary.

F)     Bible Concordance 

Young’s Analytical Concordance To The Bible

G)                      Church History Apologetics

Christening The Roman Empire A.D. 100-400  by Ramsay McMullen

Eusebius The History of The Church by G. A. Williamson



Other Good Resource Books

1.      All The men of The Bible by Herbert Lockyer.

2.      All The Women of The Bible by Herbert Lockyer.

3.      Growing Toward Spiritual Maturity By Gary C. Newton (ETA)

4.      Understanding Teaching “Effective Biblical Teaching by Gregory C. Carson  (ETA)

5.      Bibical Beliefs  By Clarence Benson (ETA)

6.      You & Your Bible (ETA)

7.      Old Testament Bible History by Alfred Edersheim

8.      Nelson’s Pocket Series Bible Handbook

9.      Nelson’s Pocket Series Bible People