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Divination", is the attempt to "foretell or explore the future", to shape our lives according to what is coming. The one who tries it is usually called a Fortune Teller. It is the first of the Three kinds of The Occult

    There are several "methods", as many as people is willing to pay for them:

    1-   Astrology (Horoscope, Zodiac), Fortune Teller... Psychics.
    2-   Tarot Cards, Cartomancy.
    3-   Crystal Ball, Mirrors, Water.
    4-   Palm Reading, Phrenology.
    5-   Rod and Pendulum.
    6-   Fortune at Random: Dice, Dominoes, I Ching, Snail Shells and Coconuts (in Santeria), Tables of Fate, the Wheel of Fortune.
    7- Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Psychometry.
    8-  Dreams.
    9-  Numerology, Tasseography.
    10- Selenomancia (divination with the Moon)...

    There are dozens of ways to foretell the future!... all of them, like Astrology and the Psychics, are schemes to get money from stupids... they are not "fun games", they are the work of Satan, says the Bible... don't even try them, you are going to be burned in this life!... and you can not receive Communion after trying one of these fun games, you have to repent and confess the "grave sin" before receiving Communion.

A- ASTROLOGY,astrol.bmp (17966 bytes) Horoscope, Zodiac, the Psychics:

"Astrology", beliefs that the arrangement of the stars, planets, and constellations at the time of one's birth sets a determined pattern in the life of a person...

... It is obviously "wrong", demonstrated a million times, when two persons are born on the same day in the same hospital and their lives are totally different!.

                                                                          The "Zodiac" is a big lie of Satan... but consulted by 40 million Americans!.

... However, 2,000 newspapers carry a daily horoscope, 40 million Americans consult it, and there are three times as many Astrologers and Psychics as there are clergymen in America, with more than $500 million of earnings per year only on the telephone consulting lines!.

- In 1990, 186 distinguished scientists issued a no-nonsense statement savagely attacking Astrology: "The time has come to challenge directly and forcefully the pretentious claims of astrological charlatans. It's simply a mistake to imagine that the forces exerted by stars and planets at the moment of birth can in any way shape the future".

    The Fortune Teller is anyone who tries to predicts the future using any means, like psychic divination, telepathy, astrology, the zodiac, cards, crystal balls, palm reading, pendulum, numerology, dreams, etc.

- The "Bible" and the "Church", condemns them with the strongest words and penalties, as recorded under "The Occult"... "Stone them to death", says the Bible, "it is prostitution against God"... You can not consult a Psychic and go to Communion, you have to confess before that "very grave sin"!... If you don't repent, you are ex-communicated from the Church... you can not consult the horoscope and then go to receive Communion, you have to repent before!...you can't watch a TV Psychic show, or ware a Zodiac ring or pendant or medal... to receive Communion, you have to repent, confess, and through away that ring or pendant before going to Communion!...

Isaiah says about the Astrologers, "they are like wisps of straw, the fire will burn them up. They will not save their lives from the power of the flame" (Is.47:13-14).

- "The Zodiac":

From the Greek "zoe" (animal, life) and "diskos" (wheel), means "the wheel of life", or "the parade of animals". There are 12 "signs", one for each month, without any scientific basis, not even any common sense, but some Astrologers set up, also arbitrarily, 8, 14, or 24... Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces... each "sign" has its "color", and millions know their "sign" and "color"... you can not be a Christian and ware a "sign" round your neck, or use a ring or pendant with the color of your sign... it is from Satan, the Bible says... it is like wearing a sign of a politician or a movie artist to honor them; with the "Zodiac sign" you are honoring Satan, and you can not receive Jesus in Communion until you repent and through away your "sign", medal, ring, pendant...

- "The Horoscope":

from the Greek, means "scope of the hour". It is determined with the geographical spot at birth and the date and hour of delivery, to council the future, weather or not conditions are deemed favorable to pursuit a business transaction, a career, an airplane trip, a marriage, etc...

... In America, 30,000 people pay $20 to receive monthly computerized horoscopes. It is a stupidity!, because if you ask the horoscope to 20 different experts, you are going to get 20 different readings, the only constancy is the "ambiguity" designed to apply to almost any personality. And it is anti-scientific, based in the old doctrine that the earth is the center of the universe, and the sun rotates around the earth.

- Why so many people wastes time and money in this stupidity of Satan?:

... It works, they may say...

... well, it does not wok!: In the statistics, the Astrologers are right 20% of the times, and wrong 80% of the times, so, better do the contrary of what the Astrologer predicts, you have more chances!.

... In 1963, several horoscopes of President Kennedy were made: Some said he would be reelected; others, he was going to get sick; others, he would die after reelection... they all were wrong!, he was killed before reelection. Jeanne Dixon declared that Jackie Kennedy would not remarry... apparently, the zodiac of Onassis said otherwise. Carroll Righter, whose syndicated column is read by millions, predicted that Spain's Franco would remain healthy (he died 6 months later!), and that J. Edgar Hoover would improve his health (he died 5 months later!).

- And the main problem, is not the stupidity of it, but that it is a work of Satan, the Bible says... some look at the horoscope because it is fun!... it is not fun to play with Satan, you are going to end up burned!... in this life!.

    The Church, says you can not receive Communion after having fun reading your horoscope; you have to repent, confess your grave sin, with the purpose of not reading it again, and then you can receive Communion. You can not receive Jesus, while honoring Satan!. See The Occult

- If Astrology were true, all men would be "robots" programmed by the stars and planets, but Astrology is false, and men are "free".

- The Psychic Jeanne Dixon, is famous in the USA, but her prophecies have failed 93% of the times!, you better believe the contrary of what she predicts!: She predicted the Third World War by 1954. The War in Vietnam would end in 1966, it ended in 1975. On October 19, 1968, she predicted that Jackie Kennedy would not marry, she married the next day with Onassis. Fidel Castro would be expelled from Cuba in 1970. Russia would be the first nation to place a man on the Moon...

    Satan is a liar, and the father of lies, the father of the Horoscope says the Bible... the father of those who follow the Horoscope or the Psychics!... it is not fun to be the son of Satan!.

    Don't try the Horoscope, stay away from it, as you stay away from a "serpent"...
    ... and stay away from the "Psychics", and their multimillion dollar business, with their 1-900 telephone numbers!


"Tarot", means "tablets of destiny".

... A pack has 78 cards, 22 of them with "major mysteries", corresponding to the 22 letters of Hebrew, inscribed with symbols that vary from pack to pack. All packs contain four major suits called wands, cups, pentacles, and swords. Court cards include the king, queen, knight, and page, symbolizing spirit, soul, vitality and body.

... One card has a "skeleton", symbolizing death... but you can get the skeleton and live 100 years!... it is a stupidity of the devil... don't try them!... stay away, as you stay away from a serpent.


    It is like Tarot but using the 52 regular playing cards, or only 32, discarding the 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, and 6s... like Tarot, it is a fake of the devil.


    1- A "Crystal Ball", is used by fortune tellers, clairvoyants, and diviners in the technique known as "skrying". Gazing into the glass the diviner enters into a trance-like state claiming to see present and future events (crystalomancy). It is a trick of the devil, don't get into it!... or a lie!.

    2- "Mirrors", are used in Rosicrucianism: The initiate has to stare in a mirror, and trace a 5 inch cross on it while repeating "Hail, Rosi Cross", until his imagination or the devil gives him a foolish hallucination.

    - Even "Water", is used on a glass or in the river to do tricky fortune teller of the devil!.


- "Palm Reading" is based in apparent scientific data, the lines and mounts on the palm; but as divination, to read the future, it is also a fake or a lie of the devil, in spite of being probably the oldest and most sophisticated method of divination.

    This "figure" ascribes a sign of the zodiac to each phalange of the fingers.

    And besides the lines and mounts of the palm, the shape of the nails are also used, and even the fingerprints, if you are willing to pay for it!.

- "Phrenology", is like palm reading, but using the mounts or shape of the head.


They are objects used by a diviner for detecting the so called "earth rays".

- The "rod", is usually a forked twig taken from a willow tree; fish bone and metals are also used.

- The "pendulum", is a metal disk suspended by a thread.

The "earth rays", have their basis in the earth's magnetic field... but it is not it!... though the rod and pendulum respond to this mysterious force, attempts to locate its point of origin have met with failure. The lack of understanding of this phenomenon has lent credence to superstitions prominent in occult practices.


There are many ways used to do fortune telling "by random", all of them lies of Satan, says the Bible.

- "Dice" and "Dominoes",

are the simplest methods, with the same false results as the most sophisticated ones. They are done giving arbitrary meaning to each "number": "1": Unity, "2": Marriage, "3": "Trinity"... or "1" the sun, "2" the moon, going on with the horoscope...

- "I Ching":

The "I Ching", or "Book of Chances", predates recorded history. The diviner throws 50 yarrow sticks. The hexagram formed from six lines in the sticks is read and interpreted in the "Book of Chances" to read the present and the future.

- They believe the spirits are communicating with them through the medium of chance, as expressed in the fall of the sticks, coins, or wands... it is a foolish sophisticated trick of Satan!.

Snail Shells" and "Coconuts", are used in "Santeria" to read the present and the future.

... The "Snail Shells", is the most important divination procedure in Santeria: The priests through 18 Shells, some of them fall on their base and others on their side, and the result is read in the "Table of Ifa".

... The "coconuts": Those who are not "saints" can only use "4 pieces of coconut": They through them, and they fall with the white down or the white up, and the results are read in the Table.

- It is the same idea of the "I Ching", only here with Shells or Coconuts... a foolish trick of the devil!.

- The "Tables of Fate", and the "Wheel of Fortune" are based in the same idea of the "I Ching", only here using "numbers" or "a wheel of fortune".

G- Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Psychometry:

- Mental Telepathy, is the communication from one mind to another without verbal exchange or other physical and empirical modes. It is actually a branch of parapsychology.

- Clairvoyance, is used to describe the psychic ability to see and describe future events. Edgar Cayse was a noted clairvoyant. Some Christian Saints have had this quality... but Satan can also provide it, says the Bible.

- "Psychometry", is the ability to foretell a person's future by possessing an object belonging to that person... it is like the diviner slave-girl of Acts 16, to whom Paul cast out the devil in the name of Jesus Christ.


"Dreams", are normal psychological states, used often in the Bible to foresee and prevent future events, as in the cases of Joseph in Gen. 40-41, and St. Joseph in Matt.1: 20, 2:13.

- Normal Psychology makes use of them.

- But they are also used by Psychics, posing as chip Psychologists, without any knowledge of Psychology, as a scheme to make money, and guided by the lies of the devil... be aware!.


Numerology, assigns arbitrary specific values and meanings to numbers. Pythagoras influenced Kabalistic Cornelius Agrippa who drew up a numbering system:

- "1": Origin;
- "2": Marriage;
- "3": Trinity, wisdom;
- "4": Permanence;
- "5": Justice;
- "6": Creation;
- "7": Life;
- "8": Fullness.

Tasseography: Reading of the tea or coffee cup deposits in different imaginary shapes.

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