Strictly Biblical Ministrial Staff


 To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them. ISAIAH 8:20                                        

                                            Αυστηρά βιβλικό υπουργικό προσωπικό



Ministerial Staff

Chaplin Gordon Morse
Evangelist Aneita Campbell Minister Josie Taylor
Evangelist Edd Henry  
Minister Darlene Williams
Evangelist Loretta Purry Missionary Portia Grimes
Pastor Walter Brown   Deacon Myron Bulger 
Pastor Anthony Clark  Deacon Paul Campbell
Pastor Ernest Cornelius Deacon Jonathan Drake
Pastor Chuck Kalmar Deacon Clinton Ely
Deacon Leonard Pierce
Deacon James Rice
Deacon Will Tarver


Strictly Biblical Ministries

Announcement Ministry Sister Julea Ward
Baptism Sister Pam Williams
Blaze N Praise Deacon Myron Bulger
CHAMPS Outreach Ministry Bro. Antonio Green
Children’s Choir Sister Patricia Trottman &
Children’s Music Ministry Sister Angela Hankins
Children’s Dance Ministry Sister Carol Watson

Community Services Ministry                   

Sister Andrea Craig

Dance Ministry                                            

Sister Quosett Griffey

Deacon Ministry                                          

Deacon Paul Campbell

Drama Ministry                                           


Financial Officer                                         

Sister Felicia Bulger

Follow Up Ministry                                      

Sister Lucille Bridges


Sister Rotania Bain

Information & Technology                         


Jail Ministry

Pastor Ernest Cornelius

Jr. Church / Sunday School       

Evangelist Aneita Campbell
Kitchen Ministry                                          Brother Julius Kelly

Men of Chi-Rho (Male Mentoring)

Brother Everett Bain

Ministers of Music                                      

Brothers Darren Williams &
Raymond Smith

Nurses Ministry                                          

Sister Chamayne Hayes

Office Manager                                           


Poetry Society                                              

Brother Aaron Moore
Publication Ministry Sister  Elmira Robinson

Purity Ministry    

Sister Ratonia Bain

Security Ministry                                         

Brother James Fuller
Sick & Shut In Ministry                               Missionary Portia Grimes
Single’s Ministry                               Open

Sound & Tape Ministry                           

Deacon Paul Campbell

Special Events Ministry                              

Sister Karen Boyd



Usher Board     11:00am         Brother Cedric Randle
Usher Board     8:00am Sister Grace Eiland

Women Building Women                           

Sister Mary Moss

Women’s Intercessory Prayer                    

Evangelist Aneita Campbell

WebMaster Brother Robert Anderson

Youth Ministry                                             

Deacon Myron Bulger