1. Audio Bible Software
  2. Bible Maps
  3. Islam & Christianity [Compares Basic Teaching and Beliefs] PowerPoint (CD) Rose Publishing
  4. How We Got The Bible [A Time-Line of Key Events In The History of The Bible ] PowerPoint (CD) Rose Publishing
  5. Survey of The New Testament (Training DVDs) Norman Geisler
  6. The Essential Christian Trainer Series (Training DVDs) Norman Geisler
  7. The Essential Bible Training Kit (Training DVDs) Norman Geisler
  8. Theology Course (14 Lecture Series  (DVDs))  Norman Geisler
  9. Studies in Christian Theology  (Essential of the Faith)(DVDs) Norman Geisler
  10. How We Got The Bible (12 Lecture course DVDs) Norman Geisler
  11. Apologetics Trainer (13 Lecture Course Series  DVDs) Norman Geisler


  1. The History Channel -Mysteries of the Freemasons (DVD) AAE-77139
  2. The History Channel -The Dark Ages  (DVD) AAE-77210
  3. The History Channel -Inside Islam  (DVD) AAE-70652
  4. The History Channel -Banned from the Bible I  (DVD) AAE-133240
  5. The History Channel -Banned from the Bible II  (DVD) AAE-134360
  6. The History Channel -Secrets of The Koran   (decoding the past) (DVD) AAE-75905
  7. The History Channel -Lost Trible of Israel  (DVD) AAE-74198
  8. Expelled (No Intelligence Allowed)  Ben Stein  (DVD)
  9. A Call For Discernment (Health/Wealth or Prosperity Gospel) (DVD) Justin Peters Ministries
  10. The Marks of A Cult (A Biblical Analysis)  (DVD)  The Apologetics Group
  11. Hell's Bells 2 (The Power and Spirit of Popual Music) (DVD)  The Apologetics Group
  12. Sounds of War (Rock, Rap, & Spiritual World) (DVD)  The Apologetics Group
  13. The Real Jesus (A defense of the Historicity and Devinity of christ) (DVD)  The Apologetics Group
  14. Hollywood's War on God   (DVD)  The GoodFight Ministries 
  15. Rock-n-Roll Sorcerers  [of the New Age Revolution] (DVD)  The GoodFight Ministries 
  16. False Gods Of Our Time [arts I - IV] (DVD) Jeremiah-Films
  17. Lost Gospels or False Gospels  (DVD) Ignatius Press
  18. The Lie of The Serpent (The New Age and The End Times)  (DVD)
  19. The Truth behind Hip-Hop V  (DVD) G. Craige Lewis  EX-Ministries
  20. What Every Church Needs to Know About Hip-Hop  (DVD) G. Craige Lewis  EX-Ministries
  21. The  Trojan Horse (The Truth behind Hip-Hop ) (DVD) G. Craige Lewis  EX-Ministries
  22. The Truth behind Hip-Hop (Idolatry, sex, drugs, crime)   (DVD) G. Craige Lewis  EX-Ministries
  23. The False Gospel of Oprah & Her Friends (DVD) The John Ankerberg Show
  24. Do  Protestants and Catholics Agree on Justification and Papal Infallibility? (DVD) The John Ankerberg Show
  25. The Tabernacle DVD Cat # 4791D  Anim Man studios
  26. 7 signs of Christ 's Return (DVD) QD3397 Questar
  27. ROMANS (The letter that Changed The World) (DVD) Volume 1 Romans  1-8 Day of Discovery Television Production
  28. ROMANS (The letter that Changed The World) (DVD) Volume 2 Romans  9 - 16 Day of Discovery Television Production
  29. AFRICA & THE BIBLE (DVD)  Day of Discovery Television Production
  30. Wonders of The African World (DVD) with Henry Louis Gates Jr.   PBS
  31. National Treasures (Signs & Symbols of The U.S. Founding Fathers) DVD    NSI
  32. The Final Events of Bible Prophecy  (DVD)  Amazing Facts
  33. Witnesses of Jehovah (DVD)  Good News Defenders
  34. Life of Buddha (A True Story of The Man Who Changed the World) (DVD) Facts Video
  35. The Mysteries of The Dead Sea Scrolls  (DVD) New Libery Video
  36. The Case For A Creator (DVD) Lee Strobel
  37. The Case For A Faith (DVD) Lee Strobel
  38. The Case For Christ (DVD) Lee Strobel
  39. The Question of Homosexuality (DVD) Scott Davis
  40. A White Man's Journey Into History (DVD)  Joel A. Freeman PH.D.