Bible History

The United Kingdom



A.       The Anointing of Saul (I Sam.9-12)

B.       The Rejection of Saul (I Sam.13-15) 

1.     First rejection (I Sam.13-14)

2.     Second rejection (I Sam.15) 

C.       Saul and David (I Sam.16-20) 

1.     The anointing of David (I Sam.16)

2.     The battle with Goliath (I Sam.17)

3.     The jealousy of Saul (I Sam.18-20) 

D.       The Decline of Saul (I Sam.22,28,31) 

1.     His degeneration (I Sam.22)

2.     His Death (I Sam.28,31) 


A.       The Call of David (I Sam.16:1-13) 

B.       The Exaltation of David (I Sam.18:1-7) 

C.       The Years as a Fugitive (I Sam.21-30) 

D.       David at Hebron (II Sam.1-5) 

1.     Made king of Judah

2.     Struggled with Ishbosheth

3.     Made king of all Israel (II Sam.5:1-5) 

E.       The Kingdom Established (II Sam.5-10) 

1.     War with the Philistines

2.     The taking of Jerusalem (II Sam.5:6-9)

3.     Further conquests (II Sam.8-10) 

F.        Deeds of David 

1.     Good

a.       Kindness to Mephibosheth (II Sam.9)

b.       Justice to the Gibeonites (II Sam.21)

2.     Bad

a.       Sin with Bathsheba (II Sam.11)

b.       Sin in census taking (II Sam.24) 

G.       Final Years (II Sam.13-20; I Kgs.1-2) 

1.     Absalomís revolt (II Sam.12-19)

2.     Solomonís accession 


A.       Established as King (I Kgs.2-3) 

B.       Solomonís Buildings (I Kgs.5-10) 

C.       Solomonís Kingdom (I Kgs.9-12) 

D.       Decline and Judgment (I Kgs.11) 

1.     Sin (I Kgs.11:1-8)

2.     Punishment (I Kgs.11:9-43)