A)  Bible Choices

a.      The Apologetics Study Bible, general editor Ted Cabal

b.      Life Application Study Bible – NIV

c.      Comparative Study Bible – Parallel NIV, KJV, NASB AMP

d.      The Expositor’s Study Bible KJV/Concordance

B)  Bible Commentary: should cover the following:

a.     Culture

b.     History

c.     Language

d.     Evidence

1.      The Layman’s Bible Commentary In one Volume

2.      Believers Bible Commentary  by William MacDonald

3.      New Bible Commentary by G.J. Wenham, J. A. Motyer, D.A. Carson, and R.T. France


C)                      Bible Dictionary

Dictionary of The Bible by David Noel Freedman

Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary by R. F. Youngblood

D)                      Bible Customs & Manners

Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Manners & Customs by Howard F. Vos

Manners & Customs of The Bible  by James M. Freemann

E)                       Theology Bible & Systematic

a.       Systematic Theology “An Introduction To Biblical Doctrine” by Wayne Grudem

b.      General Introduction to the Bible by Norman Geisler

c.       The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict by Josh McDowell

d.      The Moody HandBook of Theology by Paul Enns


F)Lexicon Greek/Hebrew

The New Strong’s Expanded Exhaustive Concordance of the bible with Greek/Hebrew Dictionary.

G)                      Bible Concordance 

Young’s Analytical Concordance To The Bible

H)                      Church History & Apologetics

a.       History of The Christian Church (volumes 1 through 8) by Philip Schaff

b.      Christening The Roman Empire A.D. 100-400  by Ramsay McMullen

c.       Eusebius The History of The Church by G. A. Williamson

d.      Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics, by Norman L. Geisler

e.       The Kingdom of the Cults by Walter Martin

f.        The Kingdom of the Occult by Walter Martin

g.      The Story of Christianity by Justo L. Gonzalez

h.       The Big Book of Bible Difficulties by Geisler and Howe

i.         Hard sayings of the Bible by  Kaiser, Davids, Bruce, Brauch

j.         When Critics Ask by Geisler and Howe

k.       Correcting the Cults by Norman Geisler and Ron Rhodes

l.         Commonly Misunderstood Bible Verses by Ron Rhodes

m.     Christianity, Cults, and Religion by Rose Publishing

n.       Names of God & Other Bible Studies by Rose Publishing

o.      Christianizing The Roman Empire A.D.100-400 by Ramsay MacMullen

p.   The Popular Dictionary of Bible Prophecy  by Ron Rhodes



Other Good Resource Books

1.      All The men of The Bible by Herbert Lockyer.

2.      All The Women of The Bible by Herbert Lockyer.

3.      The Bible in Translation by Bruce M. Metzger

4.      A  Visual History of The English Bible by Donald L. Drake

5.      What the Bible is All About by Henrietta Mears

6.      Growing Toward Spiritual Maturity By Gary C. Newton (ETA)

7.      Understanding Teaching “Effective Biblical Teaching by Gregory C. Carson  (ETA)

8.      Bibical Beliefs  By Clarence Benson (ETA)

9.      You & Your Bible (ETA)

10. Old Testament Bible History by Alfred Edersheim

11. Nelson’s Pocket Series Bible Handbook

12. Nelson’s Pocket Series Bible People

13. Nelson’s Cross Reference Guide to The Bible by Jerome Smith

14. Where to Find it In The Bible by Ken Anderson

15. Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties by Gleason L. Archer Jr.

16. Handbook of Denominations in the United States by Frank S. Mead

17.   The Popular Survey of The Old Testament by Norman Geisler

18. The Popular Survey of The New Testament by Norman Geisler

19. The Works of Josephus by William Whiston

20. Figures of Speech used in the Bible by E. W. Bullinger

21. World History :The Human Journey by Holt RineHart, and Winston

22. Why I left JIHAD by Ex-Muslim Terrorist Walid Shoebat

23. The Case For Christ by Lee Strobel

24. Defending Black Faith by Craig S. Keener & Glenn Usry

25. Black Man’s Religion by Glenn Usry & Craig S. Keener



1.      Church History (Charts of Ancient and Medieval) by John D. Hannah

2.      New Testament (Charts of Chronological and Background) H. Wayne House

3.      Charts of Reformation and Enlightment Church History  by John D. Hannah

4.      Old Testament (Charts of Chronological and Background) by John H. Walton

5.      Charts of Bible Prophecy by H. Wayne House & Randall Price

6.      Church History (Charts of Chronological and Background) Robert C. Walton

7.      Charts of Apologetics and Christian Evidences by H. Wayne House & Joseph M. Holden

8.      Charts of World Religions by H. Wayne House

9.      Charts of Christian Theology and Doctrine by H. Wayne House

10.   Charts of Cults, Sects, and Religious Movements by H. Wayne House



The Quran

1.  Translated and Explain by Muhammad Asad

2.      Translation by A. Yusuf Ali

3.      Translated by Allamah Nooruddin



The Mormon Books

1.  Doctrine and Covenants

2.  The Book of Mormon (another testament of Jesus Christ)

3.  By His Own Hand Papyrus by Charles M. Larson

4.  Pearl of Great Price


The Jehovah Witnesses

1.      Millions Now Living Will Never Die

2.      New World Translation (NWT)



Suggested Bibles For Research

King James version

Amplified Bible

NIV Bible

And any other or as many other as you so choose.