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Condemnation in the Bible



"Magic", is the second kind of Occultism. Divination attempts to "foretell the future". Magic tries to "change it", the present and the future of persons, and nature: Heal the sick, kill an enemy, change the weather... it tries to manipulate nature and even the spirits, by means of spells, rituals, charms, prayers... It is of the Devil: See The Occultwitch2.bmp (9598 bytes)

- Crowley added a "k", "Magick", to distinguish it from the "Magician" who entertains an audience with tricks and illusions.

"Cartoon Images" of witches are based on facts: Recipes for "flying ointments" include the powerful hallucinogens of belladonna and aconite. - They used broomsticks as weapons while gathering herbs in the forest, kept cats to control mice-ridden cottages at work, dark cloaks...

Kinds of "Magic":

A- Personal:

    1- White Magic, Black Magic, Ghosts.
    2- Witchcraft, Witch Doctors - Wicca
    3- Satanism, Black Mass.

    One "difference", between the kinds of Magic, is that "regular Magic" has a clientele, works at home, or in an apartment; the "Witches" have a Coven; "Satanism" a temple...

B- Impersonal:

    4- Magic Prayers, Spells, Fetishes.
    5- Amulets, Talismans, Superstitions.
    6- Spoils (in Spanish: Despojos, Riegos... ).

All of them are forbidden by the Bible, as "prostitution against God", "of Satan"... you can't use any Magic and receive Communion!... you have to confess your "grave sin", and stop it. See The Occult


- "White Magic",  is the one used for good purposes: Heal a sick, get a job, the return of the bad husband, or the rebel child, obtain a boyfriend... or make it rain, sunshine, stop a thunderstorm...

- "Black Magic", is used for bad purposes: Harm other people, make someone sick, loose his job, or even kill him... make a bad thunderstorm, a hurricane, a fire at home or in the business...

- "Sex Magic", with ritual sexual abuse of adults and children, that is running today at epidemic proportions.

One "difference", between the kinds of Magic, is that "regular Magic" has a clientele, works at home, or in an apartment; the "Witches" have a Coven; "Satanism" a temple...

    Magic and Christianity:magic2.bmp (14862 bytes)

    The main difference between Magic and Christianity is that in Magic "the devil" is the center of the ritual; in Christianity, it is "God. That's what the Bible says, and that's the reason why the Bible calls any kind of Magic "prostitution against God", and advises "to kill the witches" in Exodus 22:18 (see p. 580).

"The Rites", in White and Black Magic vary very greatly from place to place, but a typical rite of Magic may be this:

"Typical Rite of Magic":

    1- The Magician places himself in the presence of Satan... but, sometimes, at the same time, adding the blaspheme of naming God or a Saint, to cheat the client.

    2- The "spell":  The Magician asks for a good or bad deed, using the right words in the right way, or using his own words, with all kinds of prayers to the devil.

    3- The "rite": The destruction of a wax image to harm a victim, or the placing of pins or needles on a doll, using hair of the victim, or something he has used; placing of the hands on the sick, or the one who wants a good job... The sprinkling of water to obtain rain, or a thunderstorm; the fire of something from a home or a business, to ask for fire in those places...

    4- The "fetish": They give something to the client to use, asking for what he wants: A potion, herbs, a charm, a prayer, an amulet to wear on the neck, a ring, a crystal... and even real poisons!.

    - The "potions", to drink for 9 days, for example, are made from the most rare objects: Cooking urine of a crocodile, with hairs of an elephant, plus a human bone, the excrement of a bat, and a nail of tiger... and that's why the Magic is so expensive, from $50 to $5,000 for a good work!.

    ... The "magic of love", may be made of manure cooked in urine of a bull, with blood from the menstruation, plus sperm... to drink twice a day for a year!.

    - The "prayers", most of the time are weird and blasphemous: "In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, I, Satan, protect this home from fire and theft"... to be prayed 5 times a day, for a month... and after the month, you have to pay for another special prayer to protect your home or business...

    These "Rituals", can be made to only one person, and they may be very expensive... but most often are done to a small or large group of persons.

    - On then, there are all kinds of incenses, candles, drinks, herbs, and hot music... the drinks have often such drugs as belladonna, aconite, and hemlock... but if you don't drink anything, the incenses are often plagued with hallucinogenic drugs, and you are going to breathe them, want it or not!... often, people in the "craft" become insane or commit suicide under the influence of these drugs, or worse, under the influence of evil spirits (1Tim.4:1 warns against it).


    "Magic", has been used in all the ancient cultures, long before Christianity. It is not to be confused with priests, shamans, and doctors of old cultures, who heal with herbs, or prayers to God.

    - In this century, Aleister Crowley founded the Britain magical association known as A:A "Argenteum Astrum the Silver Star", and wrote the books "Confessions", "Magick in Theory and Practice"... became a heroin addict, and an incoherent idiot after the death of his son at a private rite with only the two of them: See more "History" at the end.

2- "WITCHCRAFT", "Wicca", "Sorcery", "Witch Doctors":witch.bmp (9342 bytes)

"Witchcraft",  is a secret society of evildoers, who have a pact with the devil, whom they worship at night in obscene rites in the form of a black goat. Usually, on the initiation, the candidate has to adore Satan and give him cult.

- It is the most advanced "black magic", though there may be also some "white magic".

- "Covens": The "magician" has a "solo practice" with a clientele, "witchcraft" is a religion organized in groups, or "covens" of 13 people, one of them is the High Priestess, and other the High Priest.

- "Women": It focuses on nature worship and fertility rites, and for this reason it has been dominated by "women", called "witch" or "sorceress"; the male counterpart are called "wizard", "sorcerer", or "warlock"... some believe that Satan, being a male personification of evil, preferred women assistants.

- "Gods": The main one is the "Great Mother Goddess", the Earth, identified in different cultures as Diane, Aphrodite, Artemis, Astarte, Kore, Hecate...

- The male consort "Pan", "the Hornet God", is identified in different cultures as Apollo, Adonis, Dionysius, Lucifer, Osiris, Thor, Baphonet...

- The Mother Goddess is represented by the Moon, and the Horned God by the Sun... their ceremonies are called "Drawing down the Moon", and "Drawing down the Sun".

- "Esbat" and "Sabbat": Regular meetings are called "Esbat"; the special meetings, 8 times a year, are called "Sabbats", and pinpoint key phases in the seasonal progress of Mother Earth to harmonize with the rhythm of nature:

    1- Spring Equinox: March 21.
    2- Summer Solstice: June 22.
    3- Autumn Equinox: Sept. 21.
    4- Winter Solstice: Dec. 22.
    5- Imbolg: February 2 (Christian Candelaria).
    6- Beltane: April 30.
    7- Lugnasad: July 31.
    8- Samhain: October 31 (Halloween).

    The "RITE":

    There is a wide variety of beliefs and practices, however, all meetings have the 4 points already described in the "Black Magic": The presence of Satan, the spell, the rite, and the fetish.

    A "Typical Ceremony":

    The most desirable way to celebrate it is in the nude ("skyclad"), and outdoors where the ceremony is closest to nature, attended by the 13 members of the coven plus the invited guests.

- An imaginary circle, is drawn around the coven with a ritualistic dagger ("athame").

- Candles are lit, and incense is burned in the altar.

- Witches intone: "Queen of heaven, Queen of hell, Hornet hunter of the night, Lend your power unto the spell, Work my will by magic rite".

- The High Priestess, gives to the High Priest the Fivefold Kiss: On the feet, knees, penis, breast, and lips.

- Satan asks each member: What damage have you done until today?... and each one answers.

- The "initiates", renounce to their Christian believes, stepping on a cross or spiting on a Bible, and make a contract with Satan, to serve and adore him; they are baptized by Satan, and permanently "marked" with the pentagram on the arm or genitals.

- Then the "spells" are made: To burn a home, or injure someone... or healing by the laying on of hands. Love spells can be cast upon reluctant suitors. Spirits are called. Animals are sacrificed...

... Most respectable witches deny sacrifice of animals, but there have been reports of children sacrifices, with cannibalism, eating their flesh and blood to mimic the Eucharist.

- The High Priestess forms the invoking "pentagram of fire" on each member touching the throat, left hip, right breast, left breast, right hip, and throat again... making prayers like this: "Deep calls on height, the Goddess on the God. In her name do I invoke thee, Mighty Father of us all, Lugh, Pan, Belin, Herne, Cernunnos, come in to answer my call!, Descend, I pray thee, in thy servant".

- The ceremony may end with a feast, eating and drinking around the fire and incense, with hot music, and a sex orgy: Each member having sex with any other one!... most of them under the influence of hallucinogenic herbal drugs...

    Witchcraft, Sorcery, Wicca, Witch Dr.:

- The terms "Witchcraft", "Sorcery", and "Magic" are nearly synonymous.

- "Wicca", is the same, but with special emphasis on "sexual rites". Wicca

- The "Witch Doctor", of the ancient religions is different, usually a "solo practice" of white magic, to heal the sick, but can also practice black magic.

- Witchcraft is a kind of polytheistic religion of nature and the universe, adhere to tenets of reincarnation and karma, and practice also "clairvoyance", "divination", "astral projection"...

- Witches identify themselves as "pagans", "druids", "earth or nature religion", "positive magick", "the craft", "the craft of the wise", "wisecraft", "goddess worship", "wimmin religion", "shamanism"...

- The "Wiccan Rede":

It is an interesting principle of Wicca: "That ye harm none, do what ye will". It implies two aspects: First, that a witch means to seek harmony with the world, nature, and other human beings. And second, the effects of magic will be returned threefold upon the person working it, limiting severely the pronouncing of "curses", that will return threefold upon the magician... however, judging by the results, this noble principle has not been properly used in most covens in the history of witchcraft.

Membership and History:

There are today about 300,000 witches in the USA, 15,000 in England, 60,000 in France, and it is almost universal in nonliterate societies.

The Bible condemns Witchcraft with the strongest terms, "You shall not permit a sorceress to live" (Exodus 22:18)  See The Occult.

- In 1496, the "Malleus Maleficarum" ("The Witches' Hammer") was published by two German Dominicans, with a definitive statement that witchcraft depends on a pact with the devil.

- The principal period of persecution of witches was during the 16th and 17th centuries, when estimates ranging from 300,000 to 9 million witches were executed by hanging or burning, with both Catholics and Protestants participating on it, lead by the Inquisition.

- In America, the most famous outbreak of witch persecutions occurred at the end of this period, in 1692, at Salem, Mass., where 22 witches were hanged.

- The last trial for witchcraft in England took place in 1712, and in France in 1718.


- Modern Witchcraft, commonly called Wicca

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